Hello and Goodbye

This era in my life is over, I am done with anything PTC related. I suggest you run as well, get the hell out and don't look back.

Thank you for your understanding. I have met amazing people and some not so amazing people, it's been an experience for sure.

Members, yes you can, there are so many things you can do online to make more money than you'll ever make clicking. Quit being lazy and TRY before you say "can't".

Admin, that site is on it's way under, it will fail, you will be upside down when all is said and done or you'll have scammed a ton of people... people, just like you, that's who you're robbing when you just quit paying hosting. Quit being lazy and TRY something different. None of this is true affiliate marketing, your brand is non-existent, your website isn't special, it's not 1 in 1000, it's 1 of 1000.

Need somewhere to go? Go here.